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On-Site Services
RIGC offers customers tailor-made solutions based on individual customer requirements. RIGC can do supply, Erection, Commissioning and Maintenance of Medical and Industrial Cryogenic Storage Tanks, Liquid Storage Tanks, Supply Networks, Semi-Auto and Auto Switch Manifold
Gas supply systems.

Cylinders, Cryo-Vessels and Trailers
RIGC has and maintains a gigantic fleet of Trailers, Cylinders, Rack Systems, Porta-Cryo, Liquid Tankers, Vaporizers and cryogenic Pumps, to delivery Industrial, Medical and Specialty gases depending on customer requirements. The same are offered on Deposits and Rentals, to minimize and lower the customer’s capital expenditure. RIGC does all maintenance and inventory management, whereas customers can enjoy a hassle free and smooth deliveries.

RIGC offers consultation and design services. From the start RIGC can partner its customer in choosing right options for their Industrial, Medical and Specialty Gas Requirements. RIGC offers Cryogenic storages systems, Consultation and Designing for Gas supply Network System, Installation, Inspection and Maintenance of Gas Supply Network System.

RIGC has the capability and expertise to carry out Cylinder Auditing, to help customers achieve optimum level of Cylinder Inventory and easy and safe handling.

Health and Safety Trainings
RIGC can offer and help Customers to train their staff in skillful and safe handling of Cylinders. Focus is on information and up to date knowledge on Gas Identification, Color codes, Gas classifications and methods of storing, handling and all safety aspects.
Leak Detection
LPG and pressure vessels, storage tanks as well as the supply networks need periodic testing and leak detection. Some of the leak detection RIGC can do are: Helium Leak detection for minute leakages. Nitrogen Leak detection. Vacuum Integrity Inspection of Cryo-tanks and Liquid Cryogenic Container (Cylinders), Dewar's etc.

Supply of bulk or on-site gases for blanketing, purging vessels, reactors, and piping systems. Vacuum pumps and systems. RIGC can also undertake the complete work of Purging, Pigging and Blanketing of Pipelines, networks, all storage tanks.

Rack Systems (Cylinder Bundle)
Fabrication of Customized Packed Cylinder Bundles as per customer requirements.

Food Freezing
liquid nitrogen, carbon dioxide is used for rapid freezing of fresh food to maintain flavor and freshness. Dry ice blasting is used for powerful non-abrasive cleaning.

Concrete cooling
Concrete cooling with Nitrogen though difficult is the one process which has many virtues and benefits. Still a lot has to be done in terms of testing and having a fool proof process developed. RIGC understands Liquid Nitrogen and its behavior, based on its vast experience and knowledge, RIGC offers indigenous method to achieve concrete cooling even with the High Temperatures of Kuwait.

Maintenance Services
All maintenance works on Welding Machines and Gas Cutting Equipments.

Specialty Cylinder Disposing and Refurbishing
RIGC is and the only company in Kuwait who has the full capability of handling and disposing of Hazardous and unknown Cylinders. RIGC also provides the services of Specialty Cylinder Refurbishing.